Tyler, The Creator

At first, I got the Odd Future Mix Tape, and that was dope. But then I started to see more of Tyler the Creator in the press. All about how much of an asshole he was and bashing gays and just all over negative press. I started paying attention to stuff that was coming out at the time, and I’m like, “this dude is an asshole.” On the reals. He’s what influences kids-now-a-days to not give a fuck. Disrespect everyone, snort Ritalin, spit on shit and drink anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. All that shit. Some nasty mouthed young punk ass kid who skate boards and says anything on his mind. So I was kinda drawn away from him and Odd Future. It was a mirror image of that crew of punk ass kids I saw walking to the skate park up at Wilson.

The more I didn’t want to like him and Odd Future, the more they couldn’t stay off of my radar. There was the whole Frank Ocean coming out, and Tyler saying, “I told y’all I don’t give a fuck.” Cool. Respect. Now not as many people hate you. You’re still a punk ass kid to me, but with that, I started paying attention to the videos these kids were putting out. After seeing “Rella,” I stopped what I was doing and started looking around for more and what I found was the level of creativity that makes you say “whoa.”

The more that I paid attention to these cats, the more I realized, “shit, this is exactly what we were at this age, and this is what we wanted to be doing when we were older.” These kids have it figured out. Granted, we didn’t want to be rappers, but we wanted to be skating around with our punk-ass attitudes, not giving a fuck and just keeping it real our whole lives. These kids are exactly that. The youngster’s generation of skate video heroes–who rap and have a big budget to produce anything that their creative minds can conjure up.

The latest of Tyler, the Creator’s masterpieces, “Tamale,” is an ode to… whatever. The inner workings of his mind. A true ode to basically doing and saying whatever the fuck you want to. In the first thirty seconds he manages to: make fun of you, tell you about how he banged your sister and call Spike Lee a not-so-friendly racial slur which I’m not even going to describe. But he brings it all back to happy land by showing his miniature ass self bouncing towards an overhead camera placed strategically over a giant sunbathing booty which he’s using as a trampoline. Is that Andrew WK driving the golf cart in the golf course scene where Tyler and his cronies are just throwing clubs and acting all ignorant wearing blazing yellow clothing? After Googling this one time, I’m safely assuming no, but my mind was blown just thinking about it.

Tyler the creator as a bald, convulsing, albino Powder looking mug? Sure. Whip on the makeup, and throw him in front of the pool with the white guy from Odd Future and a few members of a marching band. We just killed another thirty seconds. But will that really make people wonder WTF? Let’s follow it with, yes, a tiny, little Tyler with his book of sin and a bottle of lotion, insinuating masturbation in front of this giant book. I’ve said it before, and they state it at the beginning of the video, but this seems to be the inner workings of the brain of a lyrical and visual genius.

And right when he’s saying, “fuck you, fuck this, fuck that,” either as a bald albino or a tiny, little masturbating person, he drops it. Goes deep. Its like the first half of the video was following his deep angry heart as he’s coming up on a panic attack, and then he brings it down when he finds the core of what his panic stems from. Some shoegaze breaks in, and he really starts to emo it out thinking about his Daddy who was never around. All he wants is for his Dad to be proud of him. But he don’t know his Daddy. He’s really angry about that, so be ready for that part. If you’re at work, turn it down because it’s not really safe for work.

Remember when we were all worried about how Marilyn Manson, Eminem, ADHD meds, hormone raised beef and movies like KIDS were going to effect the future generations? Odd Future is the baby that came out of that generational disconnect incubator. Yeah, Tyler gets a lot of bad press. But the level of shit that he’s producing, and his perspective on life in general, is some of the most creative out there. It’s something you can never relate to, or something that hits really close to home. Everyone is different, but with kids growing up the way they are these days, this might be the way they’re actually thinking. Maybe I’m just just old and dated [Ed. Note: Get off my lawn!], but I think I get it.

Long story short, check out Tyler the Creator and Odd Future, Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, whatever. Here are some more videos just to prove my point:

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