The Big Pink

“As soon as I love her it’s been too long, and I really love breaking your heart.” Yes. That is the lyric from the “Dominos” that always stood out to me from this UK duo’s debut album A Brief History of Love. The track “Velvet,” which actually stole my heart–along with the live show at Metro with A Place to Bury Strangers—made A Brief History of Love one of my top albums/live shows of 2010. Their sound was moving, emotional and over the top rockin’. It portrayed just enough electronic, noise and rock to make me actually feel real human emotion.

The band’s last album didn’t have as many tracks repeating in my mind for days on end as it did with their debut album, but I will admit the 2012 album Future This has had some catchy tunes worth listening to, including the track “Stay Gold” (I really hope they titled this track after The Outsiders reference) and “Hit The Ground” which brought back The Big Pink’s intimate sound that I originally fell in love with. The track “77” is probably the song that has the most emotions entangled into the lyrics, and the haunting beat provides a narrative of a broken heart. I’m glad this band saw that they had a good thing with the premiere album and kept that going.

Their live performance, with band, is definitely worth catching. They’re everything you want in a band’s live performance: grungy rockers, thrashing, long drawn out noise and reverb, more thrashing, hot female Asian drummer, even more thrashing, strobes, the works, more thrashing. They come on the stage with blunt force high octane energy and leave the stage with the same demeanor. They just rocked your socks off and there’s no time to find them–it’s barefoot on broken glass from here.

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