Neon Indian

Listening to Neon Indian over the span of Alan Palomo’s young carrier, I’ve noticed a very good consistency with his albums. His premiere album Psychic Chasms introduced us to the chillwave slacker theme for the care-free lifestyle in the sun with “Deadbeat Summer.” His use of those wonky retro synth beats that I first fell in love with as a child listening to Paul McCartney’s ”Wonderful Christmas Time”, helped “Deadbeat Summer” double up as the go-to track for a summer house party or a family holiday party. It is a great song to just sit around and laugh to as well.

It was hard not to notice the track “Should Have Taken Acid with You” which stepped it up a notch and got the blood flowing again–while taking you back to the memories of high school and sneaking around behind your parent’s backs. Two wonderful examples off an album that got so much good press for being such a new and different sound heading in its own direction.

With the release of his follow-up album, Era Extrana, you come across the second track, “Polish Girl,” which was just enough for his fans to know that he didn’t set the bar high enough on his first album. It’s the track on the album that you put on to slick your hair back in front of the mirror before hitting the town (to be played right after Robert Palmer – “Simply Irresistible”). It makes you feel s-s-s-sexy. He brought a more mature, dark, shoe-gaze sound, along with the 8-bit and synthesizer sounds which he re-introduced us all to.

“The Blindside Kiss” has me imagining it’s the early 90s, and I’m sitting in my friend’s basement playing Space Invaders on an old Atari game machine with the volume at full blast. My friend is in the same room practicing some Sonic Youth inspired experimental grunge and it all syncs up and actually works. I don’t know how, but Neon Indian conjures up the feeling of being young and careless. It’s almost like the fountain of youth–keep listing to it and keep feeling young. Breathe in that warm summer air, and yeah, I’ll take two this time. You’re on permanent vacation.

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