White Lies at Magazzini Generali, Milano

I’m sorry guys, but I can’t tell you much about this performance. I decided it would be a good idea to drink gin on this cold, winter-approaching evening in Milano. For me, gin and indie rock go together about as well as a rash and a butthole. Having said that (please note reference to HBO show), I go to enough music concerts to know whether my attention is grabbed or not, despite my blood alcohol level, and tonight it just wasn’t.

White lies started off strong, opening their set with one of their most recognized songs, “To Lose Your Life,” and the crowd seemed pleased. I have to tell you, this band puts on one hell of a light show. The start of their second song was my favorite part of the show because they introduced the green lasers that shot across the whole room making this night one of the most visually stimulating experiences of my life.

The music seemed awfully repetitive, but I have to warn you that I’m not a huge White Lies fan in general. This is odd because two out of my three favorite bands are British (no, fucking Mumford and Sons is not one of them), so it’s not a racist thing. They played the standard “indie rock band with a tampon in” 55 minutes and came back out after an underwhelming 10 second clapping for their two song encore. By the way, what ever happened to crowds actually having to put in an effort to receive an encore? White Lies literally walked off stage, grabbed a towel, wiped the sweat off their face, and walked right back on. The entire tradition of an encore has been ruined. But that might be a rant for another time.

If I were a dude, I’d say I had a half chub at this show. Their music talent is undeniable, and Harry McVeigh has one sexy, mesmerizing voice, but they just didn’t look like they were having any fun.

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