Vanessa Carlton at SPACE

American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton, famous for “A Thousand Miles,” came to Evanston SPACE on November 11th to perform for Chicago fans. The small venue filled with families, couples, and students from nearby Northwestern University gathered to enjoy a candlelit experience shrouded in Carlton’s delicate voice.

The intimate performance began with “White Houses” from her second album Harmonium. Playing the keyboards as well as the grand piano–with a glass of red wine by her side–Carlton spoke candidly about becoming a new mother, which induced a warm chuckle from experienced mothers in the audience. Carlton also discussed the importance of following your dreams, drawing on her own experience from ballet and music, as well as her brother Edmund’s experience while attending college.

It was easy to see Carlton as a warm, affectionate performer. She engaged effortlessly with the audience between each song. Depending on the piece, she had a personal story to share or an anecdote that inspired her to write, which she used to seamlessly weave each song to the next. Toward the end of the performance, a thunderstorm erupted in Evanston. The audience wrapped up the night listening to Carlton’s last picks amidst the sound of raindrops falling onto the ceiling of Evanston SPACE.

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