Tourist North American Tour

Get used to hearing the name Tourist. If you’re anything like me, get used to listening to his music on repeat as well. Tourist is the musical moniker of UK-based producer Will Phillips. Phillips is London born but calls Brighton his home these days. The music he produces is atmospheric in tone but typically builds to a moment where simply taking it in doesn’t work and dancing must ensue. The rise and fall of his beats never borders on kitschy, and that’s just how I like my electronic music.

He samples sounds taken from everyday moments like conversations, the busy sounds of London or the soothing tones of the beaches around Brighton, and then puts them with some great house beats. Recently, more vocals have been finding their way into Tourist songs and it’s a wonderful enhancement to the already solid tunes being released. To find out Tourist pals around with the guys from Disclosure and recently signed to their label, Method Records, is no surprise and hopefully the recent success that has fallen upon Disclosure will also hit Tourist.

Look for a packed show at Schuba’s on Saturday as Tourist hits Chicago for only the second time before heading off to play spots at Ultra, Sasquatch, Governor’s Ball and, fingers crossed, for a return to Chicago for Lolla this summer. Tickets are available now but I wouldn’t wait to show up on Saturday in hopes of getting in because it probably won’t happen. Be on the hunt for Tourist’s next EP Patterns when it’s released April 22nd. In the meantime, listen to the track ‘I Can’t Keep Keep Up’ from Patterns and try to not get excited about what Tourist is doing.

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