Tegan and Sara at Magazzini Generali, Milano

The sisters Quin greeted the audience with a “Ciao Milan” before jumping into a powerful start of their concert at Magazine Generali on a cold and windy Sunday night in Italy. Starting with songs off of their new album Heartthrob, the duo, along with their backing band, took turns taking the lead and swapping out guitars and keyboards to songs like “Closer” and “Goodbye, Goodbye,” and tracks from their previous albums, The Con and So Jealous. Then they got to the reason they were here in the first place–to premiere a live set of their new tracks and plow through their new album, HEARTTHROB, in it’s entirety.

The crowd was alive tonight, despite the weather. Mixed drinks and short haircuts were in abundance. It resembled a collection of T&S look-a-likes. Their fan base take it upon themselves to be proud of being different. To break out of the mold and be themselves. Except when they are all in the same room together, you realize that they all actually look exactly the same. They model themselves after their icons, who in turn are telling them… not to? Catch-22 if you ask me. But the tune that they sing has taken a generally different turn these days. Once proud of being a traditional indie-iconic band, is now reaping the benefits of being pop-sensation stars–selling their tracks for commercials and even teaming up to do dance anthems with Tiesto. I’m not preaching about their ethics–more power to the twins, we all gotta get paid–but when will the “indie” label be taken away and when will they just be pop-stars? They’re so not indie anymore is what I’m saying.

Despite my babbling, Tegan and Sara are who they are and deserve every little bit of their fame and the benefits that come with it. They are amazingly talented songwriters and multi-instrumentalists to say the least. Confidently controlling the crowd on what appears to be the tail end of their world tour, and being on the road since March, the sisters have it down now. They stroll onto the stage with confidence, and they move to and from their different instruments with a comfort and ease, possibly using their twin instincts to telepathically communicate and drive each other into their beautiful harmonies and instrumentals.

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