RVIVR at Township

Sing, sweat and swoon. That’s what I did when I saw RVIVR play a sold out show at Township on Septemeber 29, 2013.

Late one night I was lying in bed scrolling through Instagram and saw a friend’s post about the band RVIVR. And I quote, “We just watched RVIVR in St. Louis and they just tied with Refused for best performance I’ve ever seen. So real.” Those are some big shoes to fill. Who the hell is this band? I immediately looked them up and listened to their latest album. Thirty seconds in I was sold. I felt impulsive, and that kind of immediacy doesn’t typically happen for me. It was like confessing honest feelings to someone you just met, but it feels like you’ve been waiting forever to say it aloud. I love you. You make me feel alive. What a complete rush to the head and heart. Swoon.

RVIVR brought me back to the feeling I once had as a teenager going to her first punk show. Small intimate venue. Complete solidarity. Everyone’s singing and shouting as the guitars rip through the speakers. Rush of adrenaline. Whose sweat is on me? Who cares. It belongs to RVIVR’s number one fan, a tall guy with one fist in the air and a beer in the other, that is raging behind me. PBR showers for everyone! Thanks RVIVR for doing exactly what I needed. Knocking out a true blue punk show to revive the inner oomph. Not to mention Mattie, the guitarist/vocalist, broke his finger a few nights earlier in Rock Island, IL and still effortlessly rocked it out.

I’m expecting good things to come from this band. Until I can see them again, I’ll have their album The Beauty Between on repeat. Give it a roll [Ed. Note: You can listen here] because I guarantee you’ll find an air guitar in your hand, ready to rule the world.

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