Royal Blood at Metro Chicago

Every year at Lollapalooza there is a band that I stumble upon that ends up being one of the highlights of the weekend, last year for me that band was Royal Blood. To be fair, there was a good amount of buzz about the duo prior to their performance, just weeks shy of their debut self-titled album. Yet for some reason, they were not on my checklist of bands I had to see. However, as I walked through Grant Park that day I was drawn to an electric, heart-pounding racket that turned out to be one of the best shows I saw all weekend.

Flash forward to ten months later, the British duo comprising of Mike Kerr who sings and plays bass with drummer Ben Thatcher, open their sold out show at the Metro with a blistering version of “Come on Over.” With a vigorous expansion of sound and a light show to match their frantic energy, the duo continued to pummel through every song on their album. The mostly male crowd (many of which were wearing Chicago Blackhawks shirts and hats while the team was playing in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals) threw their arms over their heads and sang along to every word.

Rock ‘n’ roll duos are sure to be compared to those that came before them and it is an implausibly high standard to live up to. While Royal Blood’s sound is not entirely new, they can definitely hold their own and they make more noise between them than a lot of five piece bands could only dream of achieving. As far as rock performances go, Royal Blood did not disappoint and they are a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

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