In The Round: Judith Hill & Josh Groban at United Center

I’m pretty positive that Josh Groban could have done his whole performance at the United Center in Chicago on October 20th, 2013 without any sort of microphone assistance. His power and elegance was outstanding. I was captivated even though I’m not a super fan of his music.

Four of Groban’s band members stood in each corner of the arena amidst the crowd with spotlights isolating each one as if the were heralding in royalty. It was pretty dramatic, but frankly I was expecting Groban to come in riding a unicorn, or at least a horse. In between songs he would break and interact with the crowd and tell stories, and let me tell you, he’s quite the comedian. He even addressed his obviously predominate female crowd and apologized to any male that had been dragged along for the ride. I could watch Groban’s banter all day.From imitating the voice of Stewie Griffin to doing Q & A with the audience via Twitter, Groban is a funny dude. He even referred to himself as “Grobocop,” and a douche. Hilarious.

And let’s not forget about Judith Hill, the opening act on the tour. Her set was a little short and not as energetic as I expected. She even stated that her own live shows were more geared toward “funky grooves.” Regardless, she was simply a pleasure to listen to as she effortlessly belted out one song after the next. I’ll definitely check her out when she hits her solo tour for the full effect.

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