Morgan Page Presents: MPP3D at Concord Music Hall

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in today’s electronic music scene. Artists have to dig deep into the creative corners of their mind to be unique. Fortunately for us in Chicago, we got a chance to witness the next big thing in the EDM movement last week. Morgan Page, progressive house artist/producer from L.A., has taken a huge step by creating a live 3D light show for his DJ performance. The tech for the show was originally created for Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour before his untimely death. They invested, a lot, in the animators and designers to create a spectacular cinematic experience for concert-goers.

Enter Concord Music Hall, which resides on the edge of Bucktown in Chicago. Buy the ticket, stamp the hand, walk up the stairs, open the doors… and throw on your shades. Finally, I don’t feel like and asshole for wearing sunglasses indoors.

The first thing you notice is a gigantic screen with with lights shooting right at you like the arcade game Galaga. By the way, I’m sober as a priest, but I immediately feel like I’m on drugs. Page has his headphones strapped on tight and he is dropping big room tunes right at 128 BPM. The sound system in Concord Music Hall is fucking LOUD. The walls are shaking like a freight train is running through your head, and I’m dodging the 3D lights that seem to be all around me. The screen changes colors like the seasons on a time lapse video as Morgan settles into his DJ set. It almost seemed like a scene from TRON, and I definitely felt like I was on the grid and trapped in the space time continuum. Even the girls on people’s shoulders seemed like they were a part of the show as the star ship Enterprise swallowed them whole and confetti was falling from the sky.

Scoping out the layout, the stage was not wide enough for his 3D screens, so they had to be tilted like a V. It didn’t make a big difference since the show looked great from the back of the venue. However, Morgan’s DJ booth was seated low, and unless you were right in front you couldn’t see him at all. Which, in actuality, wasn’t all that bad? The show was really focused on the greatly paced music and the 3D show, not the DJ fist pumping.

Morgan Page is a showman as well. He played lots of crowd pleasers like the “Locked out of Heaven” remix, Zedd’s amazing remix of Empire of the Sun “Alive,” and Fatboy Slim’s “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.” The show definitely told a story. Tracks were pieced together carefully to take the crowd on a ride for the evening. This show is going to get a ton of notoriety throughout the tour. Whether you are sober or on hard drugs you’ll enjoy it.

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