500 Words: Mew

Mew is one of those bands that I feel really fortunate to have found. I would have eventually found them when they opened up for Nine Inch Nails on their farewell tour at the Aragon, but thanks to some friends from Denmark, I got in at a good time in 2007.

The Danes explained to me who Mew was and how big they were in Denmark… along with making me watch all their performances on Danish MTV awards ceremonies and copying all of their albums for me. The sound was so clean and crisp that I fell in love with Mew, but the dream interpretation videos and visuals at shows being done by the members of the band didn’t hurt. I was just blown away, literally in the course of one night, by how much I learned about this band and the fact that I didn’t already know about them. Their style of fast paced enchanting rock is hypnotizing, and their deliciously prominent drum beats keep you moving and wondering why they aren’t doing stadium shows in America.

Start with the song that first got me interested:

Then move on to this playlist of seven other favorites:

Do you see what’s going on here?

Those are some of my favorites, which date back to about 2000, but I didn’t hear them until 2008! When we got word that they were releasing a new album in 2015, we were on edge waiting and watching the inbox. Then it happened. They released + –, the long awaited studio follow-up to 2009’s No More Stories. When a band spends six years in the lab working on a new release it’s common to hear “it better be fucking amazing,” or “it’s going to be a total flop.” In the case of Mew, the lifelong friends were actually working out some personal issues. One of the original members, guitarist Bo Madsen, left the band, but not before (according to their time line) recording this new album. They might have taken what seems like an eternity to record a new album, but it was only for the reason of perfection.

Check out some of their new tracks below and fall in love with their sound (again!) like I did. They have not lost anything as they have matured, and they’ll continue to gain success. Let’s just hope it’s in American Market so we can all see them live more.

Now stop listening to me. Stop watching these videos. Go check the Tour section of Mew’s site and see them live because it’s unclear when you’ll be able to see them again.

Actually, I lied. Here’s one last video we hope they bust out during Chicago’s Metro show:

Wait until the video gets into it because the visuals of stuffed animals and dolls floating through the forest playing symphony instruments was the exact thing that made me fall in love with their live production. Yes, it’s rumored that this was animated by the band based, again, off one of their dreams.

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