The Life and Times At Beat Kitchen

Shows at Beat Kitchen are fun to attend for all of the reasons that they’re not fun to cover. The lighting is dark. The sound can best be described as LOUD NOISES. The production is absent. The crowd is raucous. The beers are cheap. The Life And Times was, quite literally, the perfect band to see at Beat Kitchen.

They’re loud. They’re raucous. They blow out a small room with a three piece, but they’re not so spastic on stage you can’t pay attention to any of the individual members. There’s a complete lack of pretense about the supposed importance of any individual player–drums, bass and guitar/vocals were all on equal footing on the stage. It would be a mistake not to mention the fact that Beat Kitchen doesn’t exactly have the hugest stage in Chicago, but the fact that every member is equally placed perfectly underscores the importance of each of them to the overall sound.

Since we’re talking about sound, it’s also worth mentioning that, while we all appreciate galaxy rock, it’s probably not a bad idea to turn the reverb down a notch… or five. It was impossible to understand any of the words coming out of Allen Epley’s mouth. When you’re listening to music like this, at this volume, the cadence, tone and pitch of the vocals still add a lot to the overall scene the band is trying to create, but if there was any meaning to any of the words it was completely lost in translation.

If The Life And Times took their music two more notches toward commercial they would be headlining festivals and collecting royalties from Law & Order: SVU episodes. If their previous releases and performances at smaller spaces like Beat Kitchen are any indication they just don’t give a fuck. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier about that. We’ll happily not wear earplugs and get our faces blown off every time they roll through town.

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