Less Than Jake at Concord Music Hall

Nothing makes me feel better than a trip down memory lane back to when I first jumped behind the wheel of my pickup truck at 16 and blared Less Than Jake. I know that seeing this band is going to be one hell of a good time–just like it was at Warped Tour in 1997.

For me, seeing Less Than Jake is one of those personal things I don’t really like sharing with anyone else, but this show had an especially emotional exception. Dancing in front of me, singing every lyric, was a 10 year-old boy named Jake. This is his tenth time seeing one of his favorite bands. This isn’t lost on the band because they invited him onstage during “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” to sing and dance with Brendan Kelly (of Lawrence Arms), and high-five Roger and Chris. I’d try to explain how that had to be a super cool moment for that kid, but why don’t you just watch the whole thing?

Chicago welcomed the bands of Fat Tour 2013 (Anti-Flag, Masked Intruder and Get Dead opened for Less Than Jake) with open arms. Confetti cannons, swaying arms, jumping–I’d say there was no need for anti-depressants. Weed may have been a plus. C’mon, it’s Less Than Jake. Their new album, See The Light, is on par with every other LTJ album, so you might as well learn the words to all the songs now.

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