Justin Townes Earle at Evanston S.P.A.C.E.

In early December, Justin Townes Earle, the son of legendary troubadour Steve Earle, brought his distinct Nashville country folk and intense singer/songwriter style to S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston.

Always bearing his soul in his lyrics and stories, this evening was no different. Displaying the unique guitar playing Justin is known for, he kicked off his set with the song “They Killed John Henry,” a song that he said was one of his Grandfather’s favorites. His finger picking style sounds as if there are 3 guitarists playing, while his right thumb hits the guitar like a hammer.

JTE is out supporting his new album Single Mothers and is not afraid to share his life in his music. Each story comes with a song; each song comes with honesty. Performing his moving and autobiographical songs such as “Mama’s Eyes” and “Single Mothers,” you can’t help but feel the soul and heartbreak coming through the chords. All great art comes from pain, and Justin Townes Earle is truly a great artist.

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