Jhonnyboy and the Ice Cream at Carroponte, Milano, Italy

Johnnyboy and the Ice Cream… What can I say about this band? Have you ever heard Italians do American Rockabilly? No? Well, believe you me, you should. Their set opening up for The Toasters at Carroponte was electrifying. They put more energy and showmanship into their set than 85% of the bands I have seen in the US. Their style and uniformity was on point. They play out their own personal characters on stage. Their energy is off the charts. It was like watching the movie “The Wonders” in real life, but with Rockabilly.

The lead singer’s name is Jhonny, and he has a tattoo that reads “Walk the Line” on his forearm, but better yet, his pompadour does not move no matter how much he thrashes around the stage. Watch the video after the jump and see for yourself. I got to meet this band first-hand, and their heart lies in American Rockabilly. They may be Italian, but they are more American than anyone I know!

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