Great Good Fine Ok at House of Blues Chicago

There are a lot of things we could tell you about Great Good Fine Ok. For starters, they don’t need the last three words in their band name.

They’ve got robes and shiny pants. They’ve got beards and glasses. They’ve got keyboards and keytars, MIDI mallet percussion and a Simon-esque, light up tambourine–along with a collection of instruments so large that five people shouldn’t be able to use them all. All things considered, we might like their everyman qualities the most.

None of the guys in Great Good Fine Ok look like traditional rockstars. Hell, take away the flash of the lead singer’s costume and most of the guys in the band don’t even look like musicians. They look like they’re a band that was born in a Silicon Valley garage when the founders of a bunch of startups weren’t busy attempting to change the world with the next, best thing. It might seem counterintuitive, but this makes you—and everyone else in the crowd—feel like you, too, could be a rockstar.

It’s that hope, that dream, that makes GGFO a crowd pleaser. When all the individual elements that make the band interesting (Michael Jackson dance moves and drum fills, keytar solos and Marvin Gaye croons, light up instruments and costumes) come together, it’s a show that will leave you tapping your feet and clapping along. If there has ever been a crowd at House of Blues Chicago this enthralled with a first opener, we weren’t at the show.

You know your first time? Yes, that first time. Great Good Fine Ok is the musical equivalent of your first time. You’re still trying to get comfortable in your own skin, so it’s a little awkward and over too quickly. Most importantly, it’s still a super enjoyable, memorable experience… and it will only get better from here.

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