Ghost at Riviera Theatre

The last time we covered Ghost, they were still Ghost B.C. It was at Lollapalooza 2013, and everything we said then still holds true. Ghost will never be for the faint of heart, but don’t let something like personal religious beliefs affect your decision to see this band because you’ll be missing something seriously spectacular.

For starters–in case you can’t tell from the pictures–Ghost goes all in when it comes to costumes, appearance and presentation. It’s not for everyone; we get that. But if you can put aside everything that would make you hate the Swedish heavy metal band known as Ghost (in truth, there are quite a few reasons you could hate them) there are a lot of things to love. Their performance is theatrical and studied. The costumes are excellent. The delivery is ABSOLUTELY (caps for emphasis) album perfect. Most importantly, Papa Emeritus (the third, this time) and crew put on one hell of a stage show and dance party.

Look. Here’s the thing. Meliora isn’t our favorite album either, but every opportunity to see Ghost (B.C.) live is an opportunity that one must take advantage of. Every show occupies a space in time that’s equal part demonic seance and ritual call-to-action–without, somehow, being something that your God-fearing Christian mother would have any sort of problem with. If it was really devil worshipper music would there be melodic piano parts? What about what essentially amounts to harmonious lullabies?

Ghost (B.C.) gets a bad rap from some places (most notably on Facebook) for corrupting everything that the rest of the populous considers holy, but we’re here to tell you it’s all a bunch of bullshit when compared to the quality of their live show. They rock. They roll. They harp, and piano and harmonize in a way that should put any other band trying to re-create an album live to shame. In short, go see Ghost live because they’ll change your perspective on music–even if you don’t like the words coming out of their mouths.

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