Foo Fighters Cubby Bear Concert Livestream

There’s so much Foo Fighters shit going on right now that we don’t even know where to begin. Their new album, Sonic Highways, is coming out November 10th. They just released the first single, “Something For Nothing,” yesterday. They’re making an HBO documentary about the entire process that premieres later tonight. Most importantly, they’re playing a show at Cubby Bear tonight immediately following the premiere of the HBO show.

We know, we know. The show sold out in less than a minute. You want to be there. Hell, we want to be there. It’s the Cubby Bear, but we’d still probably commit a felony to get in to this show… that is, of course, if HBO wasn’t streaming the entire fucking thing on their Facebook page. That’s right, you can watch the entire sold-out Foo Fighters show on Facebook tonight. You might not get to be there, but at least you get to save some money on beer.

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