Renegades of Rhythm Tour Featuring DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

When you think of some of the earliest founders of hip-hop, only a handful of names come to mind. Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and of course… Afrika Bambaataa. A man who hails from the South Bronx, right where hip hop was born, he’s known as the Godfather for a few reasons. For one, he created the Universal Zulu Nation which is an organization that draws kids out of gangs to get them involved in hip hop culture (being an emcee, DJ, BBoy, graffiti artist). Secondly, he’s responsible for one of the more important tracks in all of hip hop, “Planet Rock,” a genre blending jam with electronic influences that still rocks dance floors to this day.

Finally, his record collection is somewhere north of 40,000. Yeah, 40,000. That’s a real number. Records. On vinyl. Insanity. Lucky for us, and because of that collection, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist will embark on a unprecedented five week tour strictly playing records from that very collection. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist are no strangers to cutting sets using only vinyl. Both DJs are known for their skills in scratching, mixing & blending 12″ vinyl & 45s, but they’re also known for their crate digging skills.

Image Credit: Joe Conzo

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have played several shows together over the last 20 years, most notably their duo show as a dedication to Double Dee & Stenski for the “Lessons” reprise. Next Tuesday will rewind the clock to a more golden time in hip hop. BBoys & BGirls will be breaking on the floor, street artist lining up their work around the walls, emcees spitting freestyles right and left–all while the turntablist-masters cut wax all night. Its going to blow your mind.

The tour hits Chicago’s House of Blues on Tuesday, September 23rd. More info here. And stay tuned to the Danger!Sound social channels because we’re going to have some tickets to give away.

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