Ana Tijoux at Thalia Hall

Ana Tijoux is a French-Chilean musician who is famous across Latin America for bringing to the surface some political and sociological topics that not only pertain to Chile but throughout the world. Tijioux made a commentary in between songs about watching the news while in her Chicago hotel room and watching a segment on Atlanta rap, and as she puts it, “they made them look like clowns.” The woman is all about solidarity; gotta love her for that!

Tijoux is quite the performer. She is engaging, and her stage presence is beyond intriguing–it’s spell binding. She has this very likable sense of humor (she did a quick scan of the audience and was gracious and welcoming to the “gringos” in the audience), which further fueled this fun and amped crowd. The audience was very much into her whirlwind style of hip-hop and funk, especially on songs such as “1977” and “Antipatriarca.” Tijoux had a full band behind her that created a very full sound which complimented her music really well.

If you ever have a chance to see this phenomenal woman on stage do it. She is fun, politically aware, and really fucking talented.

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