Travis “Where You Stand”

Do you remember Travis? Sounds familiar, right? But maybe you can’t quite place it? Check it:

Everyone remembers “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” because it was a huge radio hit in the US and was consistently in rotation on stations like The Mix. After a musical eternity, Travis is back with an all new album, Where You Stand, and a tour that’s rolling through The Vic September 27th. You can click this handy link to pick up tickets. Here are some of the new tracks.

Nostalgia alone is reason enough to see them, but these tracks are the perfect indicator that Travis hasn’t lost any of that special something that made them media darlings the first time they became a household name.

We’re not always into the slightly more lo-key stylings of bands like Travis, but this album is some of the best foot-tapping work music we’ve heard in a long time.

It’s phenomenal. See you at The Vic.

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