Stream Kendrick Lamar’s New Album “untitled unmastered” NOW

Kendrick Lamar just dropped a new album out of nowhere. This is by far the most important thing going on in America right now.

Kendrick’s parade of surprises continues with the release of untitled unmastered. He’s more than just an emcee. He’s a very real artist. Everything he does is on purpose; nothing is on accident. The music is intentional and more thought-provoking than anyone in hip hop since the late Tupac Shakur. Its more than just rap. There’s spoken word poetry laced into the jazz-influenced bass-lines. Long, un-cut vocal solos fuzed into its overall retro and groovy sound.

There’s urgency behind the message. So… wake up America. Listen up.

Stream on Apple Music. Buy on iTunes . Listen on Spotify below.

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