Mickey Avalon – “I Get Even”

Mickey Avalon is no stranger to us here at Danger!Sound. Hugh and I attended his show at the Bottom Lounge back in the summer of 2012 with the hopes of seeing something completely off kilter and X-rated. What we got was far from that. He’s actually a small(er) dude who just so happens to look like he’s wearing little girls plus size clothing.

He paraded around the stage, rapping his raps, trying to hype up the half-filled venue (I feel like everyone knows a song or two, but it just hasn’t caught on in the Midwest), screaming classics like “Mr. Right,” “Jane Fonda” and “My Dick,” taking slugs of… of all things… Jägermeister, while a half hot chick with too many articles of clothing on danced around the stage. Nothing that impressive. I mean, we’ve belted out the lyrics of Mickey Avalon many of times because he comes off being the crudest dude. Hell, I even saw a group of young Greeks walking around the tiny Greek island of Spetses with a boom box blaring “My Dick” like a bunch of Beastie Boys who just messed up their father’s equalizer on the home stereo system… a former prostitute from Hollywood Boulevard who isn’t shy about rapping about his former drug addiction, pimps, puss and five dollar handies.

He’s had a rough life, as far as what is out there about him. Who knows if its fact or fiction. But we do know that after making his appearance on “The Simple Life” as Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton’s friend (really short appearance, and yes, this is where I got a glimpse of this gentlemen of interest and immediately had to find out how this homeboy is friends with Paris Hilton and I am still not), his 2006 self-titled debut Solo album was off the hook. Dirty and poppy with a lot of hooks and catchy songs, having yourself saying, “who is this rapping transvestite looking dude, and why do I like him?” Oh, I know why, because all the research and digging you do on his youtube shows him surrounded by half naked women, and his live sets in LA bring in nothing but blond it-girls who want to touch his tiny sweaty body. Oh, and he has a “Thank You” tattooed between his crotch and belly button in big letters.

So back to the lecture at hand. If what I wrote, at all interests you, go out and listen to Mickey’s self-titled first album Mickey Avalon. It’s dope, but just a warning–Your mother, your father, and probably your boss will NOT like it.

[Ed. Note: Here you go, kiddos]

DO listen to his album Loaded because well, to be honest, I only listened to a few tracks and never really formed an opinion. Go form your own.
DON’T go see him live, it’s disappointing.
DO listen to his track “Hollywood” and “Tight Blue Jeans” off of his new album I Get Even (bootleg title track video here with a real dope cover art photo) on his Soundcloud page and/or pre-order his album on Make sure and give him props for using that young Cooper typeface.
DO check out this NSFW video for his track “More Junk” [Ed. Note: Seriously NSFW. Pretty much not safe for anything.], then let us know if you think he looks like a cross between Sean Penn, Marilyn Manson and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Be warned haters, it’s an acquired taste.

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