Atlas Genius – When it was now

Atlas Genius - photo credit: unknown


Australian dance pop band, Atlas Genius make a remarkable debut album while still riding the wave of their very successful debut single, Trojans. This time around they bring a very dance-y and naturally moving combination of tunes that have the potential of hitting commercial success and I can easily see “If So” being the theme track for a Beverly Hills 90210 series re-re-remake. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised hearing anyone of these track’s hooks in some kind of Julia Styles movie.

Trojans, so far, their biggest hit, as well as their first single recorded and released in 2012, has been the definitive song that put this band on the map. See video below. Catchy tune isn’t it. The vintage film quality works for them on this one. Visually the video is beautiful, but I have no idea whats going on with this plot. But that’s besides the point.

The band comes together between touring dates, to produce this wonderful compilation of feel good tracks that is sure to get those toes tapping. For a band that’s only three years old, with a killer debut album, I see nothing but good things happening for Atlas Genius. Let’s just hope that they didn’t set their bar too high.

They’re out touring with Imagine Dragons right now, so I hope you have a friend that works for the music venue they are visiting. It looks like all of their tour dates from now until the forever are sold out. Maybe catch them at SXSW? Good luck gumshoe.

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