How To Destroy Angels “Welcome Oblivion” Live Stream

In case you weren’t aware, How To Destroy Angels new album Welcome Oblivion is streaming live on Pitchfork right now (click that handy link to start listening). Why should this matter to you? For a multitude of reasons, but most obviously because Trent Reznor is my favorite and this album could, in theory, be awesome. He makes great music. He’s working with Rob Sheridan and Atticus Ross again, and they’re both awesome. Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig is also on the album and she’s as hot physically and vocally as her name is ridiculous. There was a conversation about it on the Internets. It went like this:

Hugh Voltage: Fuck that nonsense. Whole How to Destroy Angels album

Baio Hazard: His wife is on this right?

Hugh Voltage: Yeah

Baio Hazard: She sounds different. She’s been Reznor’d. What are your thoughts?

Hugh Voltage: She has on all HTDA stuff. I like it better

Baio Hazard: Better than? I didn’t mean there to be a comparison between her on this and her on West Indian Girl. Apples and Oranges

Hugh Voltage: Oh, well you said sounds different

Baio Hazard: ‘Just, what do you think

Hugh Voltage: So that’s where my brain went. I like it so far, but it’s right–like CUNT HAIR away–on the edge of the amount of experimental I can tolerate, and I know my taste enough to freely admit that the reason it’s tolerable is because it’s “Reznor-y.” “Recursive Self-improvement” is very Radiohead “Kid A” to me. I’m not a huge fan of Thom Yorke’s voice in general. It’s soft and soothing and awesome at points, but largely suffers from general whininess and affectation in my opinion. I like Marisol’s voice; if I have any comment about her voice in this album so far it’s that it’s underutilized

Baio Hazard: Isn’t it Mariqueen?

Hugh Voltage: Yeah, whatever. Insert ridiculous name that starts with Mari here

Baio Hazard: You could at least get her name right

Hugh Voltage: Yeah, whatever. Trent ain’t finna marry no uggo.

Baio Hazard: Isn’t this his first marriage too?

Hugh Voltage: But seriously, my forgetting her name is completely relevant to my point. She’s hot as fuck. Her voice is just as beautiful. But her name, like her part in this album, is somehow forgettable. This album is clearly the Trent Reznor show. Trent Reznor recorded an experimental album and got his wife to be the face of it.

Baio Hazard: Yeah. I’m not loving it to death. But it’s well done

Hugh Voltage: Because a) no one really likes experimental albums, and b) everyone really likes hot chicks. Somehow the combination of those two things is plausible, but I keep listening to these tracks wondering “Where for art thou, Trent?”

Baio Hazard: I like how unbiased you can be. Cause that’d be like me saying that about the Chemical Brothers. And I did it when they realized their theme for the velodrome at the olympics.

Back to the present, here’s my take from this entire stream. If you don’t like the soundtrack to “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” that Reznor and Ross took care of, and you don’t like Nine Inch Nails, then you probably won’t like this album. Logic goes out the window when hot chicks–especially ones with excellent voices–enter the equation, but you can’t ogle a haunting coo on an unreleased album as you sit, alone, drinking bourbon and listening to the album on your headphones. Or can you? Whatever. If you like NIN or experimental music, you’ll probably like it. If you don’t, fuck you.

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